Strawberry and Cream Cake | Baking


I made this cake the other day for my sisters husbands Birthday and it was so yummy I thought I would share the Recipe with you all.

If I made this cake again I would want it to be bigger so instead of using a 3:6 ratio I would use a 4:8.

4 eggs
8Oz (227g) Butter, Self raising flour, Sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Strawberry Jam
250ml Double cream
A punnet of large strawberries

1. Preheat your oven to gas mark 4 (180'c) and grease and line two circular tins
2.Cream butter and sugar together till light and fluffy, you can use a hand mixer of a wooden spoon to do this.
3. Add vanilla and mix in.
4. Measure out flour into a separate bowl
5. Add one of your 4 eggs and mix, then sieve in roughly a quarter of your flour. Repeat this till all the eggs and flour has been added.
5. Fold your mixture till you have nice air pockets developed. Then divide the mixture equally between the two tins.
6. Put in oven on the same shelf for roughly 20-25 minutes, until lightly brown and springs back when touched, it should also have come away from the sides of the tin slightly.
7. Allow to cool in tins slightly and then turn out on a wire rack and leave until completely cool.

1. Choose strawberries of roughly equal size as this will allow the cake to be level. Cut them in half and arrange in a circle around the edge of the cake with the middle facing outwards. Eat any strawberries that don't fit.
2. Whip up your cream, this is much easier with a hand whisk. Use it on a low setting and take your time, stop when it starts to stiffen and peaks form.
3. Place cream in the centre of the cake and spread out so that it touches the strawberries.
4. Give your top layer of sponge a generous coating of strawberry jam and then sandwich the two layers together, being careful not to knock over any of the strawberries in the process.
5. Finish with icing sugar and enjoy.

I love this cake as an alternative to a traditional Victoria sponge cake, would you try this cake?

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